May 30, 2024

Chapter 9 – Do stuff that you enjoy…

1st April 2024

Right ho! It’s time for a new chapter 🙂 . I’ve been at a new job since the beginning of January and have thus been focussing on that. Am currently on a very charming and also windy Croatian island near Zadar for a bit more than a week for some R&R with the family.

Job news:

I finally threw in the towel at my old job mainly because, although the clinic and colleagues were great and very fun to work with, the management structures above were outstanding only in their mediocrity at best, inflexibility and general toxicity. The new job is a lot better structured with a decent IT system that simplifies many things if sometimes at the cost of the “magic” five minutes between the hours.

Communication is better and clearer and the aims are simpler as it is a private company. It does feel much more doable, pays better and offers the prospect of a few changes on the horizon that could make things easier and reduce the amount of driving. It has its good sides (more time with patients) and involves no work at weekends, nights or holidays and can currently be squeezed into four days each week. So work is work and there is more time in which to “do stuff that I enjoy” outside work…

… and generally make sure that I can find enough recovery and recuperation time which is an issue for all of us above 50ish 😉 .

Politics has had to take a back seat for the last few months as was busy with the above mentioned job. We have the European elections coming up this year so various things to do for that but, I must admit, I can’t get overly excited about a number of the candidates so am holding back.

Dugi Otok:

Anyway, various troublings apart I’m currently in a beautiful and special place on the southern edge of the EU so here are a few pictures of the way to and round about Dugi Otok:

and a few more photos:

So, am now back from our lovely week on Dugi Otok and back at work. I shall try to keep the memories alive for as long as I can 🙂 . There are currently plans hatching for a few days in the Italian Alps in June with an old friend so we’ll see how that shapes up.

Core needs:

Before I went away last week I was reflecting on the issue of core needs and heart/soul needs and rediscovered this graphic describing a way of seeing core needs according to Grawe which I thought was rather good so here is an English version of it:

Food for thought! I had been meaning to describe a few ideas here in more detail but will try to get this out and will continue (as always 🙂 ) at a later point in time…

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