May 30, 2024

Ansätze für die Zukunft der Pflege in Deutschland

Im Anschluss an dem letzten Post über das Grüne Programm und Mitarbeitenden und Patienten im Deutschen Gesundheitswesen sowie einige Reaktionen und Diskussionen auf Twitter möchte ich hier einige vorhandene Ansätze für die Pflege der Zukunft hier sammeln.

Chapter 6 – Four interesting replacement smartphones

First of all, a couple of steps back, a phone used to be mainly a phone, it seems currently to have become a mobile communications centre, desktop and office with which you can also do real-time or delayed voice messaging.

Chapter 6 – Quick update to explain why I’m a bit busy at the moment

I haven’t managed an update to the site for a while for various good reasons. Here’s a quick peek into my chaos at the moment. I can’t write about everything for reasons I can explain later so here goes:

Chapter 6 – Tiger mortally wounded

Finally decided to get out a bit as lockdowns are significantly lifting. We wanted to see the mountains again with all other things here being generally insanely busy at the moment. I set off with my son for a day or two near the mountains, we had a great trip down via Lake Constance with beautiful weather. Unfortunately, as we were just deciding where to park we were reversed into. The Tiger had a whole rear end of a car balanced on its front wheel then was twisted forcefully over to the right and there it lay, leaking petrol.

Chapter 6 – “art attack” – Andy Goldsworthy

This is a small collection of interesting links to art created by Andy Goldsworthy. I am a great admirer of his work, his patience, his detail and apparent love of nature. I have included links to some online collections of his work as well as a catalogue with links to explore at your leisure. At the bottom of the page is a YouTube link to a fascinating film “Rivers and Tides” about some of his work with ice and generally things outdoors which has excellent photography and gives you some idea of the person behind the art work.