June 20, 2024

Fluffy vegan pancakes for 5 and motorcycle-yoga for the brain

January 2024

This post is going to have two parts. The first one is a very handy and uncomplicated recipe for fluffy vegan pancakes. The second part are ruminations about the often beneficial mental yoga of motorcycles and a few plans and ideas for this coming spring.

Fluffy vegan pancakes for five people or thereabouts

First of all, thanks to Karen Wilkening for her recipe published here (in German) which I tested and will translate into English below. It is a tasty recipe for fluffy vegan pancakes which is ideal for breakfast and can be enjoyed with apple sauce. It contains no egg, milk, butter or banana and can be made with spelt flour or normal wheat flour. Preparation time is about 15 minutes.


  • 330 g spelt flour or normal wheat flour
  • 5 table spoons of sugar
  • Most of a packet of baking powder
  • 420 ml soya or soy milk with vanille
  • 3 and a half tea spoons of apple vinegar
  • 1 and a half generous table spoons of apple juice
  • cooking oil of your choice or coconut oil

How to do it:

Add all the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl (spelt flour, sugar, baking powder) and mix well.

Add the “wet” ingredients (soya/soy milk with vanille, apple vinegar and apple sauce), mix well with a whisk/whirl.

Put in the fridge/refrigerator with a lid/covering and leave to stand for a number of hours (at least 30 minutes 🙂 ), best overnight, the longer the fluffier.

Make the pancakes in a pan using a minimum of oil. Try to keep the pancakes small and use medium heat. The first side needs approximately 4 minutes, the second side approximately 3 minutes.

Enjoy with apple sauce, maple syrup or whatever tickles your fancy….

The yoga of motorcycles part of the post…

Thinking about motorcycle things has a sort of structured, logical simplicity about it which does have a certain attraction in the current hyper-complex world situation. Submerging into my “little world of two-wheels” is thus a welcome break from it all and has a sort of yoga-effect upon me, I can relax and ponder upon such issues of how to improve this or that, how to make something a bit better or lighter or smaller et cetera. The world beyond the confines of my mental garage walls can rage as it will…

So, round about this time last year I had a few things I wanted to get done on the Guzzi including pannier carriers and a proper holder for the navigator as well as a decent screen to keep the worst of the elements off. I jotted down a few things here below:

Things didn’t quite work out as hoped over the summer and an oil leak from the left cylinder cover scuppered my plan for a quick get-away in the summer, details here below:

The charging and connecting part of the navigator holder turned out to be faulty so was removed in the autumn and has joined my list of things to do this spring:

List of things to do this spring:

  • Put the Garmin Zumo electrical mount into the Touratech clamp and attach to wiring harness properly with fuse etc (mounting is ready and waiting in my office in a drawer)
  • Clean the screen properly
  • Do a general pre-season check and get the air out of the rear brake (again!!) – apparently the brake fluid reservoir overheats so maybe some sort of better solution is needed here ie moving the reservoir somewhere else.
  • The rear suspension is saggy and loose and bottoms out two-up when upright going over bumps, hills and holes. This is a real issue which has caused me a lot of bike yoga anguish since the autumn. The centre-stand touches down a lot in left- and right-handers and I would really like to improve this. I cranked up the preload to maximum last year but the problem is only marginally better and really needs a far better solution.

Review of options for the rear suspension problem:

I have done some reading up about the Sachs rear shock in these Guzzis and the general word on the street seems to be that it was a less than good item. The only really sensible route seems to be either a radical overhaul of the unit or replacement with a good aftermarket replacement item. I have done some research into who and where the units can be overhauled and fortunately there is a place not too far away who do these things (website is in German):

Another option would be to go for an aftermarket rear shock. The usual names crop up here such as Öhlins, who are very good but painfully expensive, or Wilbers, who are German and slightly less expensive or YSS, who are from Thailand but seem to be a growing company world-wide and provide a good quality and reasonable solution.

By another stroke of luck there is an YSS suspension service centre not too far away…

So, I think I shall have a chat with my favourite Guzzi place and see what we can do about it….

cya soon 🙂

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