September 21, 2023

about the site

This site was set up in June 2019. I started it because it´s something I´ve always wanted to do and because I wanted a place to document some changes in my life. As I write this it is early days yet, plans and thoughts about the site are, to put it politely, fluid. My first clear aim is to get started with writing my first post on the day that I hand in my letter of resignation which will be sometime this week, after that we shall see how things develop. I am planning to write mainly in English but might do the odd post in German, other languages are safe for the time being.

looking forward to the journey and hope to see you en route

I don´t want an internet plastered with advertising so there are almost no ads on this site unless a plugin caused it and I find it tolerable. All comments are moderated before publication so please do be a little patient with me. Websites und plugins do create a few costs over time so if you would like to support the site then please use the button below. Thank you.

This site is in English and German depending on content.

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