May 30, 2024

Chapter 7 – a quick update…

I have been meaning to jot a few things down here for a while in the sense of a quick update. The current state of things feels very complex on many levels so I will make a list of various things that are going on at the moment without any attempt to make it pretty:

The update list:

  • I am trying to keep up with events in Ukraine without getting too lost in the detail. I am appalled by the events there. We have gathered some useful items from work and sent them off to Ukraine via a church based in Munich. This does counter the feeling of helplessness a bit but not really as much as I would like.
  • The Corona crisis. Yup, it’s still there and is still a part of everyday life and work.
  • The climate crisis. Yes, that is also still there and I can only hope that the above two crises somehow manage to galvanise us into making more progress here. I still think that it will be the measure of our time in how we rise to this challenge.
  • I have been at my new job now for almost 6 months and it feels as though it’s settling down a bit. Am still thinking a lot about perspectives and where it could all go but it least it is a stable situation and that is worth quite a lot in current times.
  • The search for a new tiger has ended with a 15 year old Guzzi. I haven’t picked it up yet but am quite excited…
  • I have been doing an Elementary OS project for about 6 months now which is, in some ways, a sideline of the Ubuntu Touch project and has got me back on Linux again. Elementary OS really is good and I now far prefer it to Windows. I do still have Windows as a dual boot option for a few programmes such as Tuneecu which only work under Windows and for the scanning software which works better but otherwise have migrated more or less to EOS.
  • The Allgäu area where we now live really is beautiful.

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