April 16, 2024

Chapter 6 – Tiger mortally wounded

Finally decided to get out a bit as lockdowns are significantly lifting. We wanted to see the mountains again with all other things here being generally insanely busy at the moment. I set off with my son for a day or two near the mountains, we had a great trip down via Lake Constance with beautiful weather. Unfortunately, as we were just deciding where to park we were reversed into. The Tiger had a whole rear end of a car balanced on its front wheel then was twisted forcefully over to the right and there it lay, leaking petrol.

Day 10 – Lourdes and a visit to the Larrey museum in Beaudéan and film in Bagnères-de-Bigorre

The night was wet and several heavier storms went through up until about 10 in the morning, after that a light to heavy drizzle set …