July 24, 2024

Chapter 7 – International Committee of the Red Cross

I am shocked and horrified by the events taking place in and around Ukraine. If you would like to help somehow but are not sure how or where then do take a look at the Red Cross webpage with various ways to help.

Ansätze für die Zukunft der Pflege in Deutschland

Im Anschluss an dem letzten Post über das Grüne Programm und Mitarbeitenden und Patienten im Deutschen Gesundheitswesen sowie einige Reaktionen und Diskussionen auf Twitter möchte ich hier einige vorhandene Ansätze für die Pflege der Zukunft hier sammeln.

Chapter 6 – Health and Illness – Part 1

I have been reading a very insightful short paper in German by Wilfried Belschner about the concepts of health and disease/sickness. I shall try to précis the paper from the original German and find links to illustrate the idea. Translations are mine and the condensation of the original German text is done from my perspective, the appendages and comments to the text are also mine.