September 24, 2022

Chapter 7 – a new chapter opens up in the Ubuntu Touch / Ubports project

To just bring you up to date first, I reported some time back about my experiences with Ubuntu Touch on a Sony Xperia X.

Here’s a link to the previous posts concerning Ubuntu Touch (Ubuntu derivative for mobile devices):

(starting post here)

The project took a blow when I had to replace my youngest daughter’s mobile at short notice so had to reinstall android on the Xperia X and thus the project was stopped. In the meantime I was busy doing other things, coping with pandemics and all it’s follow-ons, moving house etc. Now, in a moment of evening madness I signed up to the Kickstarter campaign for the Volla Phone 22. This is a mid-range phone with the possibility to dual-boot two operating systems from one device. This could mean that I could run Volla OS, which is an un-googled Android variant, alongside Ubuntu Touch. There are various good reasons to try this.

The Volla Phone 22 website:

The idea of Ubuntu Touch is very appealing for me but is definitely a small peripheral planet in the solar system of mobile operating systems. This means that you don’t have access to the huge range of apps with the backing and support of big players such as with Android or Apple. I have various apps on android that are very useful when travelling such as Garmin Connect or various navigation apps. Many useful functions such as Expedia or similar can be accessed via app or via webpage but there is some functionality that it is difficult to do without.

Thus the charm of having a “near-android” operating system which could run apps such as Garmin Connect or Smartphone Link when you need them. But also to be able to run a privacy-orientated OS in daily life!

With a bit of luck it could arrive by June/July so the Ubuntu Touch project can take off again. I shall report back when it arrives.

Volla Phone 22 runs Ubuntu Touch or a privacy-focused Android fork... or both (crowdfunding) - ...
Volla Phone 22 runs Ubuntu Touch or a privacy-focused Android fork... or both (crowdfunding)

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