May 30, 2024

Chapter 8 – the Ubuntu Touch project is up and running (again)

I have been using the Volla phone 22 since it arrived in August… and, after a few initial hitches, reboots in the night and griping about the camera, I have got used to it and it’s a good daily companion.

Chapter 6 – Four interesting replacement smartphones

First of all, a couple of steps back, a phone used to be mainly a phone, it seems currently to have become a mobile communications centre, desktop and office with which you can also do real-time or delayed voice messaging.

Chapter 5 – Life in times of Corona – The new and newer normal

We´re currently on the back side of what might be termed the second wave in central Europe. The numbers are slowly going down but I have an uneasy feeling when looking at data concerning the proportion of mutated forms of the corona virus. These are now detectable in data, for example, from the southwest federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and seem to be growing exponentially „under the cover“ of total current numbers.

Chapter 5 – Update on various topics

Here is a quick update on various topics that I´ve mentioned recently, I´ve divided them up into paragraphs. Hopefully something interesting in here for any readers.

Kapitel 5 – Die Geschichtslücke – Ein Gespräch

Meine große Tochter ist nun in der 11ten Klasse. In der 10ten Klasse war die Klasse in etwa bis Verdun gekommen dann brach der regelmäßige Unterricht infolge von den Coronamassnahmen ab und die weitere Bearbeitung der Geschichte Deutschlands im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert blieb für mehr oder weniger den Rest des Schuljahres aus.