July 24, 2024

Kapitel 8 – Wie kann ich meine Welt mit dem Motorrad erkunden und gleichzeitig die Umwelt schonen?

September 2023 Diese Gedanke verfolgt mich nun seit einiger Zeit. Auf der einen Seite bin ich umheimlich gern auf zwei Rädern in der Welt unterwegs …

Chapter 8 – solution to get Garmin Smartphone app working on non-google android phones (see edits 1 and 2 (success!!) below)

So far so good BUT no amount of fiddling about or reinstalling, resetting or various other methods could persuade the Garmin Smartphone Link app to work without Google background services.

Chapter 6 – Tiger mortally wounded

Finally decided to get out a bit as lockdowns are significantly lifting. We wanted to see the mountains again with all other things here being generally insanely busy at the moment. I set off with my son for a day or two near the mountains, we had a great trip down via Lake Constance with beautiful weather. Unfortunately, as we were just deciding where to park we were reversed into. The Tiger had a whole rear end of a car balanced on its front wheel then was twisted forcefully over to the right and there it lay, leaking petrol.