April 16, 2024

Chapter 5 – A Recipe for French Apple Tart

We had two huge bags of apples which my wife collected from the riding stables and I decided to do something useful with them. I used the recipe from our GU cook book.

  • Ingredients:
    • 750 g apples (about 6-7 normal sized ones)
    • 2 large spoons of lemon juice (I used a half lemon squeezed although a whole lemon would also be fine)
    • 75g soft butter
    • 150g sugar (I used 100g brown sugar and 50g normal)
    • 2 spoons of vanilla sugar
    • pinch of salt
    • 4 eggs
    • 100g flour
    • 50g food starch
    • 1 tea spoon baking powder
    • 150g creme fraiche (I used normal cream)
    • 1 spoon of powdered sugar
    • a bit of extra butter
  • a sprung baking tin/shape


Peel the apples, quarter them and remove the pips and cores, Cut the apples into fattish slices and cover them with lemon juice. Preheat oven to 180°. Lightly cover baking tin/shape with butter on sides and bottom.

Put the following into a mixing bowl: 75g butter, 100g sugar, 1 spoon of vanilla sugar and pinch of salt. Mix with mixer. Add in two eggs one by one and mix thoroughly. Add flour, starch and baking powder and mix again thoroughly.

Put all this into the baking tin and cover with the apples evenly (creative moment here). Into the oven and bake at 160°C for 35 minutes.

You can have a quick break here but need to just now put creme fraiche, one spoon vanilla sugar, remaining 2 eggs and 50g sugar and mix thoroughly again. When the 35 minutes are up, take out, pour on the cream mix and put back into oven for another 25 minutes.

Finally, take out to cool off, release baking tin sides and add topping to taste (lemon zest, dust with sugar or just leave it).

We ate mine with some vanilla icecream which was wonderful.

The small bottle of champagne was a knock-on effect of the recent election in USA which necessitated a small celebration.

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