May 30, 2024

Purpose Economy (EN), Steward-Ownership (EN), Verantwortungseigentum (DE)

Here is a collection of links and videos concerning purpose economy and steward-ownership which is a new idea for the ownership structure of companies.

The mission statement:

We believe that rethinking ownership through steward-ownership is central to creating a society and economy that works for people and planet.

We therefore work to make steward-ownership and alternative capital available to entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and politicians, who want to move away from the extractive model of shareholder primacy and profit-maximization towards stewardship and purpose.

We do this by providing knowledge, resources, and capital to businesses around the world – the bottom-up movement of pioneering companies that are redefining the purpose of business in society through their ownership structures.

By questioning dominant paradigm assumptions about how ownership works, who holds power in organizations, and how businesses are financed, we’re creating new models for collaboration within organizations, between businesses, and across stakeholder groups – including the environment.

Update: Link to Steward-Ownership Conference 2022 in Berlin SO22 VO22:

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