May 30, 2024

Chapter 8 – the Ubuntu Touch project is up and running (again)

I have been using the Volla phone 22 since it arrived in August… and, after a few initial hitches, reboots in the night and griping about the camera, I have got used to it and it’s a good daily companion.

Chapter 6 – Four interesting replacement smartphones

First of all, a couple of steps back, a phone used to be mainly a phone, it seems currently to have become a mobile communications centre, desktop and office with which you can also do real-time or delayed voice messaging.

Chapter 5 – Update on various topics

Here is a quick update on various topics that I´ve mentioned recently, I´ve divided them up into paragraphs. Hopefully something interesting in here for any readers.

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 9 – “the battle of the libertine” continues after a setback

I was probably getting a bit carried away with my successes using Ubuntu Touch. I had, however, had a lot of trouble getting libertine containers up and running, in fact, it wasn´t working at all and I couldn´t get any packages installed. After OTA-13 was released I tried changing update channels from the Sony “development channel” to the “stable release channel” and back again but the net result was that open store started crashing and various apps that had worked fine up until then stopped working.

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 8 – more uNav testing and “the battle of the libertine”

Following on from my last report on uNav on Ubuntu Touch, I have done some further testing with uNav locally. I had one navigation hang-up …

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 7 – uNav testing

I have now done a small amount of testing with the uNav app on Ubuntu Touch on my Sony Xperia X using offline mode and can say that it works just as I had hoped! I prefer to use offline mode with data “onboard”.