June 20, 2024

Chapter 7 – the climate catastrophe part 2

July 2022

First draft

In my last post about climate change, or rather catastrophe I was trying to sketch out some reliable information sources about the situation we are in and the future into which we are heading. I also listed a few aspects of my own dependency upon fossil fuels for daily transport, heating and power. I could also add the power and heating dependency at my current place of work.

Given that we have a major challenge ahead of us, what are things that each and every one of us can do to slow climate change down? Many clever people have done a lot of useful thinking about this even though we (normal people) probably didn’t listen to enough or want to listen enough. I have collected a number of sites with well thought through suggestions how every person whether well-off or poor can start to make a difference:

List of suggestions and ideas how I can help to counter climate change:

The United Nations:

taken from United Nations website

from Imperial College, London, United Kingdom:

Imperial College, London, UK, solutions to climate change

from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA:

MIT, what can be done about climate change?

and, of course, Greenpeace:

What are the solutions to climate change?

Sky News has done a good visual on what needs to be done and how to do it:

So there’s a bit of food for thought. Now I have a few ideas to get started with.

To be continued in part 3

Here’s another very good explanatory youtube video from 2017:

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