May 30, 2024

Chapter 8 – just a few small plans for the Guzzi…

April 2023

Image by Fritz Winter from 1934

Well, as I posted a while back here:

things have been pretty mad over the winter with work getting a bit out of hand and also with this and that going on in the political sphere (elections coming up this year in both federal states in which I have “skin in the game”). There’s no signs of things getting less complicated at the moment so I thought I would just post a few simple things which live in the back of a man’s mind ie various projects I have with the bike 🙂 .

As a Christmas present I got a small sum from a relative which I decided to invest in some Hepco & Becker luggage carriers so I could fit my oldish and slightly bent aluminium bins on the Guzzi.

I got the old style side luggage carriers:

So, with a certain amount of warming up hands in pockets I got them on:

Am quite happy with them and really like the general looks and feel of the old Hepco and Becker rack. The aluminium bins need to get a reinforcing sheet put in and have the mounts (mounts are the G and G set) moved so not to foul the exhaust.

There are various options for an inside toolbox which I am exploring:

I am gathering parts for the original windshield. The sidebars and the screen have been sourced but am missing the clamps and these are turning out to be a bit tricky to find on the internet so I may opt for an alternative. I am planning to remount the Zumo in the Touratech clamp above the instruments behind the screen:

Otherwise, the plan this year is to get out a bit and see some of the world (well, local parts of the world at least)…

Update latter part of April 2023: I managed to source a good original windshield from ebay kleinanzeigen and have put it on (pictures will follow) and have a plan how to mount the navigator to the left of the instruments behind the windshield. I also have ordered an MRA X-creen and a toolbox for the hepco & becker pannier bars (also pictures will follow).

Update end of May 2023: The windshield and MRA X-creen have been installed and today I attached the Zumo-holder with DIY attachment 🙂 . Last week I repaired and realigned the aluminium boxes so they now fit on the Guzzi properly. So basically, although the toolbox is still in the cellar, we’re ready to rumble.

Update: first test ride down towards Balderschwang with a pretty stonking bendy pass road about half an hour from where I live…

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