May 30, 2024

Day 7 – Beaudéan to Escalona (Spain)

Breaking camp was a a bit challenging because the sunshadow and the tent layers were very wet so I needed to modify my packing system to isolate the wet stuff. Anyway, as usual, where there´s a will there´s a way and all that, I got it all finally on the bike and set off around 11. Destination Escalona and hotel booked – good feeling!

The ride was exciting because this is my first time in the Pyrenees. First of all, I passed through numerous French mountain type villages, pictoresque yet practical, then we moved up into the mountains through a nature reserve with free roaming horses, cows, sheep and goats then up and over the col. I saw three large birds-of-prey circling and tried to photograph them but, it proved tricky to “get” the bird with high zoom and loads of sunlight so viewfinder on phone was almost useless. Anyway, really enjoyed the ride, had only a few specks of rain and made it to Escalona and Spain!

I am in the hotel Arnal in Escalona, the lady at reception speaks good English which is a relief because I speak almost no Spanish and keep getting mixed up with Italian and French with some German thrown in. She very kindly allowed me to hang up all my wet camping stuff in the hotel cellar. Lunch was very good as hadn´t eaten much yesterday and Spain is pleasantly uncomplicated with food. It rained a bit in the afternoon but sitting in my warm hotel room I hardly noticed and finally, with some decent wifi I can get some photos uploaded here and get up to date.

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