June 20, 2024

Day 5 – Conques to Beaudéan

Again, I woke up slightly before dawn (I´m actually a long-sleeper but years of traumatology seem to surgically removed that part of me), I was considering spending a day in Conques and getting the feel of the place but then I thought of Wolfgang who was clearly struggling with keeping up the pace towards Santiago which, frankly, is more than understandable. So I rose, got showered and cleaned up and set off back up the hill to look at early-morning Conques. Even so, the first wave of pilgrims was clattering over the old roman bridge with their walking sticks, respect to them too!

I got back after a beautiful walk and broke camp and managed to be off just before midday, swapped numbers and chatted with Wofgang again and we both set off more or less together. Talking to him had got me thinking again, he had been a “victim” of higher management demanding more “out-of-the box” thinking whereas he was clearly an “inside-the-box” person in the best possible way, I mused about a golden route somewhere with a combination of both (seems to be my theme!). I set the navigator to fastest route with destination Beaudéan and off I went. More beautiful roads for starters then more of the faster but less charming roads afterwards. I was worried for a while that I was losing coolant but that seemed to solve itself and the Tiger purred along as usual, great bike, it can´t compete with Guzzi´s for character but it is a damn good runner which at the moment is the most important thing.

Interestingly I didn´t have any bouts of motorway madness, I felt calm and could muse about this and that whilst cruising along at my usual speed. After stopping to fill up and also to do a bit of shopping for dinner I got to Beaudéan around 6, the camping reception had gone home but I managed to phone and arranged to pitch up and do the formalities tomorrow, very French!

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