September 24, 2022

Chapter 6 – Quick update to explain why I’m a bit busy at the moment

July 2021

I haven’t managed an update to the site for a while for various good reasons. Here’s a quick peek into my chaos at the moment. I can’t write about everything for reasons I can explain later so here goes:

  • My ancient Subaru broke its wishbones and ended up in the great gravel road in the sky
  • I have had various interviews (more about this later) but did involve quite a lot of travelling
  • Whilst exploring an area of interest my motorbike was totalled (link here) by a reversing SUV
  • The ground floor and part of cellar of our house flooded and needed clearing
  • The pool pump needed urgent repair and new filter setting up
  • The horse needed to change stables at short notice (grrrr)
  • We may be moving house soon, at least we’ve now got the ground floor cleared and dismantled due to flooding
  • the pandemic appears to be picking up pace again after a lull (delta variant)
  • both of my teams have departed the european championship prior to expectations
  • I had an online meeting for a hundred people to prepare, organise and host
  • we have a kids’ birthday party here tomorrow with various small guests
  • some red deer and a wild rabbit family have moved into the bottom of the garden
  • and the climate crisis seems to be so far advanced that it’s actually making headlines (good in a way but worrying)

On a positive note, my tomato project is moving along, here are some slightly older photos. Currently they have a frame to support them and are supported at intervals:

Tomato update:

And the view down over the hills is still beautiful in the morning:

So I shall hang in there and just get the jobs done one by one. There will be a few new things to report soon and in case of any boredom seeping in, there’s always the German national elections bearing down on us in September 2021.

Devenir Gris