May 30, 2024

Chapter 5 – Update on various topics

Here is a quick update on various topics that I´ve mentioned recently, I´ve divided them up into paragraphs. Hopefully something interesting in here for any readers.

Incorporation of “Politik” into main site:

I had originally moved political things into a sub-domain. Over time I had the feeling that political issues shouldn´t really be tucked away but should rightly be part of any general discussion. Thus, I have closed down the sub-domain and moved the posts over here which is why there are a couple of posts in the list which were actually written around March to May 2020 but appear further up the list.

Ubuntu Touch:

The Ubuntu Touch project suffered a major blow after my last post. The installation of Ubuntu Desktop via the Libertine container seemed to totally “brick” the WiFi connection. All efforts to mend this failed and to rectify it so I was forced to reinstall. This was significantly easier with the newer UT-Installer (currently 0.8.4) than my last attempt with version 0.4.x and am back in action. I have tried to reinstall Firefox via the libertine but this refuses to work at the moment. I am using Midori which is stable but still somewhat tricky to use. My favourite navigator uNav is back in play and working very well. Otherwise, I am trying to hang in there with Ubuntu Touch.


I wrote about my TuneEcu project some time back during Lockdown Nr. 1 around March/April 2020. A small test after that showed a significant improvement in fuelling in that the mid-range “hole” was more or less gone and the pick-up at low to mid range felt better. I still feel the need to get some data on this so have now started my second part of the project – checking the data! For this I have procured an OBD2-Bluetooth connector from Lonelec in the UK and an old Asus Zenfone Max with a huge battery to act as a data-logger. With this setup I should be able to record the fuel settings this spring and check back whether any further improvements to the fuel mapping are necessary.

History project in German:

This is very much a work in progress. I am still collecting materials and references for 20th century German history and and am in discussion with my older daughter how we will construct the text. More will follow soon, hopefully. This is in German.

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