May 30, 2024

Why I love travelling by motorcycle

Feel the air flowing past, feel the machine running below you, become part of it and it becomes part of you, the intensity of the smell of the air, feel the heat and cold, use your whole body to steer and balance, it´s just you and a few things strapped on the back…. not much between you and the outside world.

I have uploaded two videos from my tour in 2016 of Cevennes, France. The first video has no soundtrack just a bit of windnoise and engine whine, the second one has a musical underscore (parts of a mix from 2006 by Dr Rubberfunk which I had lying about somewhere on my harddrive). For the full experience you may want to set up a ventilator to blow in your face, turn up the heating and turn up the sound…

motorcycling in France 2016
motorcycling in France, great road, 2016 with music score by Dr Rubberfunk

At a later point in time I reflected on this tour and some of the background in this post:

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