May 30, 2024

Day 13 – Cucuron

Jon arrived about half past nine after a heroic run down from London to the south of France in his car. I had gone off again to the Hyper U and stocked up on food and drink and camped out outside the house until he arrived. We settled in and tackled the ham, cheese and beer mountain, listened to music, talked a lot. It got quite late.

The next morning was a gentle start, after breakfast we headed into Cucuron and walked up to the Hermitage.

After that did some shopping, walked around the old town a bit (Cucuron wikipedia link) and headed back to the house. It was a marvellous day of chatting, catching up on the last years and events and hearing about various people from university days in England, Jon is a quiet and very observant person, I value him greatly. Imbetween, I also finally got some laundry done and dried in the Provence sun so don´t feel quite as wild and smelly as when I arrived.

In the evening we made up a vegetarian tajine with persian rice and time flew by.

Tomorrow I shall need to head off north in the afternoon and try to get above Lyon, route depending on current weather so that I can do the final hop on Friday. Chain and peripherals are lubed, bike is nearing low on oil but is ok, the main worry is the back tyre which is nearing the wear markers but should hold up until I get home (fingers crossed).

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