July 24, 2024

Day 1 1 – Lourdes to Saint-Lary, Tarascon then to Béziers

A first cautious glimpse out of the tent saw blue sky, lots of it. It was still pretty chilly but at least no clouds and signs of things drying off. So doing a tactical camp break-up I managed to get the wettest oversheets mostly dry, packed up, binned my camp chair as it had finally given up the ghost yesterday, paid up and was ready to roll by about 10:30 ish.

The first bit was fast roads with a bit of autoroute then I came off down towards Boutx and Saint-Lary. The approach to Saint-Lary was glorious, the bike was running like a dream and we both had a lot of fun. I had the VIRB camera running on “photo every 60 seconds” so will try to get a selection embedded below. Then came a number of cols, the roads imbetween were great, I remember particularly the D618 and D37 with everything from fast sweepers along the river course to mini-single tracks up the hills and mountains, the view of the main Pyrenees was fantastic, absolutely stonking motorcycle roads, some photos below.

At some stage I realised that time was getting on but came out more or less at Tarascon and from there used the “routes national” and “autoroute” to get to Béziers which was a bit of a haul but basically ok. I was in a sort of motorcycle zen mode and everything was fine.

Got to the hotel in Béziers, showered, ate and am now quickly getting up to date with a pretty speedy wifi. Destination tomorrow is Cucuron in Provence.

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