April 16, 2024

Corona diaries – 3 current projects and some questions

A few days ago I had another go at the Ubuntu Touch Xperia X phone and got Telegram working with no problems and also hooked up the contacts app to my google contacts, therefore, I took the plunge yesterday and transferred my SIM card from the trusty Nokia 7 plus with Android One into the Ubuntu Phablet (as it calls itself). So I´m doing some testing with it as my main phone. Before I get into that it´s time to take a step back. Of all my current projects there are a handful I would like to mention here:

  • First experiences of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system as a daily phone
  • Doing the second development step with the mapping in the motorcycle fuel injection system (TuneEcu)
  • Finding some answers to 4 questions:
    • What is important in your/my life?
    • What aims do you/I have?
    • What inspires you/me?
    • What does this mean for the structure of your/my daily life?

Well, I think that I shall deal with the first point in a separate post in a few days´time. The second point needs a couple of hours in the evening redoing the mapping first and is also best dealt with in its own post so that leaves me on point three.

These are the sort of questions that other people write books about.

I´ve got to cook dinner so will get back to you/me on this one.

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