May 30, 2024

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 3

I have got that pre-install feeling, part of me is a bit excited, some trepidation and part of me is braced for disaster.

OK, here we go, I shall fire up the ubports installer and see what happens.

The Sony Xperia X said: “Your phone has been unlocked and can´t be trusted, it will boot in 5 seconds”. Gulp!

The phone has done a sort of factory reset on itself so resetup and also activate developer options and activate usb debugging.

Check with Xperia Companion that all current updates are installed.

Several hours later! Thank goodness for TWRP, internet forums and sheer bloodymindedness. It has been tough but the ubports installer has finally got the files to the device and they seem to be installing. It required a total twrp wipe after I got stuck in a boot recovery loop, then reflashed the oem binaries as in instructions then ubports installer finally went through to the touch line.

As the initiated will probably have noticed I wasn´t over the touch line. It needed two more complete TWRP wipes and two more install attempts with two total device freeze-ups…. but now I have a Sony Xperia X with Ubuntu Touch up and running. Incredible! It is just doing a few updates then I shall experiment a bit with it and give it my 2c in part 4.

Is really rather nicely done….

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