December 1, 2021

Chapter 6 – Health and Illness – Part 1

I have been reading a very insightful short paper in German by Wilfried Belschner about the concepts of health and disease/sickness. I shall try to précis the paper from the original German and find links to illustrate the idea. Translations are mine and the condensation of the original German text is done from my perspective, the appendages and comments to the text are also mine.

Chapter 5 – Life in times of Corona – The new and newer normal

We´re currently on the back side of what might be termed the second wave in central Europe. The numbers are slowly going down but I have an uneasy feeling when looking at data concerning the proportion of mutated forms of the corona virus. These are now detectable in data, for example, from the southwest federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and seem to be growing exponentially „under the cover“ of total current numbers.

Recipe for Bor-Jine

This recipe is a new variant of an old family favourite which was originally a lamb tajine which I have modified in various steps into a veggie tajine using fried aubergine to replace lamb. This worked surprisingly well taste-wise and has the additional advantage of dramatically reducing the cost as lamb is quite expensive here.

Devenir Gris