July 24, 2024

Chapter 8 – summer of 23 and a bit of time out (i.e. 2 weeks of holiday)

August 2023

with thanks to Karen Kaspar for the picture “Heart”.

I don’t know if it’s just me this year, but the pace of things seems to have slowly but steadily accelerated to the stage where I really sometimes struggle to keep up with myself, nevermind everything happening around me. I have also had to reduce the amount of time available for politics because it was all getting too much with too little time to reflect on the state of things, also my job, like a gas, had expanded into the space available and more, as they are wont to do…

There is so much that I would like to say about my current job situation at the moment but can’t because they are not things that can be written in the blog at the current moment in time, I hope that I will be able to write more and in more detail this autumn. The Bavarian elections are bearing down on me (election day is the 8th October 2023) and I would like to be doing a lot more than I am at the moment…

“Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.”

― Hunter S. Thompson, The Curse of Lono

On a maybe simpler note, the summer holidays have arrived and I shall be spending a few days with C2 and C3 in and around Croatia. I have finally got round to booking a few places so I shall definitely report back about those and should have a few good pictures too (summer, sea, sunsets, sundowners et cetera). The plan is mainly sun, sea and snorkelling with good breakfasts and dinners, as I say, details will follow.

I have a few days off before I set off with the kids so am hoping that, if the weather improves a bit, I will be able to spend a few days out on my own with tent and bike and the basics. Plan here is to find an interesting area nearby with mountains without too much of a long ride to get there, here I shall also report back either en route or afterwards. I am tempted to take my rejuvenated Lenovo T430 laptop with me and test it out in the wild 🙂 .

Time to consult my old camping list of things to take with me:

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