June 20, 2024

Rueful Britannia

The day had been a long time coming, there had been ups and downs as in all long relationships, finally, Brit had said she was going. Some had said it had always been a marriage of convenience, others said they´d seen sparkles of real love at times, several aged relatives mumbled that they were just too different.

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 9 – “the battle of the libertine” continues after a setback

I was probably getting a bit carried away with my successes using Ubuntu Touch. I had, however, had a lot of trouble getting libertine containers up and running, in fact, it wasn´t working at all and I couldn´t get any packages installed. After OTA-13 was released I tried changing update channels from the Sony “development channel” to the “stable release channel” and back again but the net result was that open store started crashing and various apps that had worked fine up until then stopped working.

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 8 – more uNav testing and “the battle of the libertine”

Following on from my last report on uNav on Ubuntu Touch, I have done some further testing with uNav locally. I had one navigation hang-up …

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 7 – uNav testing

I have now done a small amount of testing with the uNav app on Ubuntu Touch on my Sony Xperia X using offline mode and can say that it works just as I had hoped! I prefer to use offline mode with data “onboard”.

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 5

The Ubuntu Touch system has been up and running now for the better part of a month and, so far, has been totally stable with two larger system updates thrown in. All in all, I am impressed by the quality of it all. I think it is still a fairly niche system with a definite flair a bit like very early android.

Corona diaries – 3 current projects and some questions

First experiences of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system as a daily phone
Doing the second development step with the mapping in the motorcycle fuel injection system (TuneEcu)
Finding some answers to 4 questions:

What is important in your/my life?
What aims do you/I have?
What inspires you/me?
What does this mean for the structure of your/my daily life?

Corona diaries – the ubports ubuntu touch experiment – part 4

Whilst doing this I realised just how slick and smooth the android ecosystem is, it all works and the more complicated stuff runs unseen in the background, it is, undoubtedly, a serious achievement and has ripened and grown over the years from beginnings that were, perhaps, not too unlike ubuntu touch at the moment. I began to realise just how dependent I have become on the android ecosystem and resolved to move my “cloudliness” into somewhere a little less transparent to big tech companies.